About us


Since the creation of our company’s name "Verde" (from the Italian word, meaning green) in 2001, we have stayed true and respectful to nature, from which we procure the very best products.


Our fruit and vegetable processing company was built in 2003, in Krnjesevci, in the natural surroundings of the Vojvodina region, and since then, we have had many years and even decades of experience in producing juices out of continental and tropical fruits.


Production is done under strictly controlled conditions, and the juices are made out of concentrate which is bought from renowned domestic and global distributers. "Verde" products are all natural, made out of fruits and vegetables through pasteurization and do not contain artificial colors, flavours or preservatives.


In 2007 our company received HACCP certificate, guaranteeing the quality of Verde fruit juices and enabling export of our products to the European Union. Many foreign companies satisfied by the quality of our products and our business model have decided to let us produce juices and other articles.


Preparations and packaging are done with up to date TetraPak equipment, for 1- and 0.2-liter packaging. By doing this, we are meeting the highest hygienic standards and preserving all the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables in Verde products.


Thanks to the collaboration with our partners Kimby CO d.o.o., Verde products are represented (distributed?) all throughout Europe, and available in TSV markets as well as in regional and local retail chains for buyers in Serbia.

Vojačka 68, Krnješevci, Serbia

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